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Enchanting Library Wedding at Neilson Hays: A Fairy Tale Come to Life in Bangkok

VenueNeilson Hay Library

Love, Romance, and a Fairy Tale: Hosting a wedding in a library was exactly what the couple had dreamt of. Having decided to build their forever with us, our team was incredibly eager to design their dream wedding.

We communicated frequently with the couple, ensuring that every detail matched their vision and truly impressed them.

When it comes to a library wedding, Neilson Hays Library stands out as the unparalleled choice, with its convenient location, inviting ambience, vintage interior, and stately ancient architecture, all contributing to the perfect venue.

The couple shared their ideas with clarity, aiming to awe their guests. They were fond of a winter theme with a hint of red, seeking decorations that would complement the library's near-centennial elegance. Upon seeing their wedding venue for the first time, the transformation of the old, beautiful library into a remarkable day left them astonished and deeply in love.

Dreaming of a fairy tale wedding that combines love, romance, and the unique charm of a library, or perhaps a destination wedding in Thailand? 

At Serendipity Wedding House, we specialise in bringing your dream weddings to life, ensuring every detail reflects your vision. Whether it's the historic allure of the Neilson Hays Library, the tropical paradise setting for your Thai wedding, or another unique venue across Thailand, our team is dedicated to creating your perfect day. 

With expertise in both traditional Thai weddings and destination weddings, we're here to craft a celebration that transcends the ordinary. 

Contact us at Serendipity Wedding House to start planning your enchanting wedding in Thailand. Let's craft a day as unique as your love story, filled with the beauty and romance of a destination uniquely yours.



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