Puri & Casey

Puri & Casey

Discover a lush Bangkok garden wedding at The Sukhothai Hotel with Puri & Casey. Timeless elegance meets natural beauty in a green-and-white theme.

VenueThe Sukhothai Hotel Bangkok 

Do you dream of a lush greenery wedding in the heart of Bangkok? The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel stands out as a timeless choice. We transformed a simple green garden into a whimsical wedding setting.

Puri & Casey journeyed from the US to Bangkok, the bride's birthplace, to craft their unforgettable moment. After discussing all the details over email for months, they arrived a week before the wedding day, bubbling with excitement—a sentiment we shared wholeheartedly!

The wedding's colour palette was white and green, chosen to complement the natural beauty of the garden. This decision underscored the timeless elegance of green and white in wedding decor, perfectly blending with the venue's lush surroundings.

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